Reasons to Trust and Purchase Health Insurance Online

Over the last few years, health insurance has become paramount in everyone’s life. Health insurance plans, especially family health insurance, ensure access to quality healthcare services for the whole family in times of need without posing worries about their mounting costs.

In today’s digitally driven age, every valuable service, including health insurance, is just a click away. However, people are still hesitant to buy health insurance online and are concerned about its safety. The good news is that the evolving technology has made online health insurance utterly safe with firewall protection and ample security checks. Today, you can buy health insurance online without worrying about the policy’s transparency and reliability.

Benefits of Buying Medical Insurance Plans Online 

Buying an online medical insurance policy from a trusted insurance company like Tata AIG can offer you multiple benefits. Here’s a comprehensive list of the advantages of buying online health insurance.

  • No agents or intermediaries: When you purchase an online medical insurance plan, you do not have to deal with agents and intermediaries. Often, these agents and intermediaries push you to buy a policy without having an in-depth understanding of your requirements. Since you know your needs best, you can buy a medical insurance plan of your choice directly from your preferred insurance company.
  • Ample choices: Customers are spoiled for choices when buying online medical insurance. Several insurance providers offer different plans with a variety of features and benefits. You can compare the various options and choose the policy that best fulfils your expectations and meets your budget.
  • Convenience: Buying health insurance online is like a breeze. You can research a suitable policy at any time of the day from the convenience of your home or workplace. Moreover, you do not have to step out and visit the insurer’s branch office to submit the documents and complete the formalities to buy medical insurance. You can easily do all this using the insurer’s website or mobile application without the assistance of an agent.
  • Cost-effective: When you buy health insurance online, there is no need to pay any fees or commissions to an agent or a middleman. Additionally, there is no paperwork involved. All this reduces the cost of buying an insurance policy for you. Moreover, online insurance reduces the costs for the insurer too. Therefore, you may avail of discounts on premiums on online health insurance.
  • Time-saving:

    Buying online health insurance helps you save valuable time. You need not stand in long queues, get an agent’s appointment, or wait for the policy documents to be delivered to buy online medical insurance.

  • Minimal paperwork: Buying online health insurance requires very little paperwork. A customer does not have to fill out multiple forms or submit hard copies of documents to get an insurance plan. It makes buying health insurance less stressful.
  • Readily available information: Insurance companies give detailed information about the various medical insurance plans they offer online. They also guide the customers on the documents required, the premium payable, and the procedure to buy a desired insurance policy. Valuable information like family floater options, tax exemptions, coverage options, claim procedures, etc., is all readily available online.
  • Automated services: All services of online health insurance policies are automated. You can download documents and insurance quotes and pay policy premiums online. Additionally, you can track your transactions online, making the process safer.
  • Instant access to customer service: Almost all insurance companies have a frequently asked questions section on their web portal. It gives answers to commonly asked questions regarding health insurance. Moreover, there are helpline services like live chat and video assistance where you can seek guidance to buy online health insurance if you are not comfortable with computers and the internet.
  • Complete transparency: Customers need not hesitate to buy health insurance online. All the product features of an online health insurance plan are given in detail online. Further, there is customer feedback from existing customers using a particular policy and other services by the insurer. Feedbacks give you a clear picture of the user experience and help you make an informed decision.
  • Instant issuance: When you buy health insurance online, you need not wait for days for the policy to be delivered. An online health insurance policy is delivered to the customer almost instantly. Enter only a few details, like name, date of birth, medical history, etc., and pay the premium online to get it processed within a few minutes.


Buying health insurance online can help you get quick access to medical insurance without any hassle. In addition, you can save on insurance premiums and make an informed decision by buying online individual and family health insurance.

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